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Wow it's been a while since Ive written something on here. Between my exams and the Flames being a tad bit dry, I haven't really had that much motivation to write.

Well that all has changed in the past 48 hours. On Sunday the Flames flipped David Rittich to the Toronto Maple Leafs for a 2022 Third Round Pick. While it's sad to see Dave go, the Flames aren't really in a place to re-sign Rittich this summer with the contract Jacob Markstrom is on. Furthermore it will be interesting to see if Big Snag Zag or Tyler Parsons can improve their game to a point where they could be ready to be a backup in the NHL next year. No Dustin Wolf will not be an NHLer in 6 months. Goalies take time to develop, this was made clear when Dustin got shelled in his first AHL game this year. For Wolf the best the Flames organization could do for him is give him at least 1 year (if not two or three) before bringing him up in a limited role.

Then the big one, with only a few minutes to go before the deadline Brad Treliving flipped Sam Bennett to the Florida Panthers alongside a 6th round pick for a 2022 2nd round pick and Emil Heineman the 43rd overall selection in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

Before I get into Heineman I want to note one more thing about the two draft picks Brad acquired. By retrieving picks in 2022 rather than this year the Flames are afforded two major luxuries. First off this draft year is a crap shoot with limited intel for scouts. Next years draft is supposed to be deeper and the scouts should have better opportunities to do research. But perhaps the bigger one is draft position. At this point the Toronto Maple Leafs are 2nd overall in the standings, and the Florida Panthers are only 3 points back of them in ninth.

Both these teams are having great years and while they probably aren't going to fall off a cliff next season, there is a solid chance that moving back to the old division/conference format will produce a slight decrease in their spot in the standings. Even if it means having those picks one or two spots higher, thats a plus in my books.

Emil Heineman

Emil Heineman was the 43rd selection in the 2020 NHL entry draft. Some rumours floating around Twitter yesterday said thats who Brad was initially planning on targeting, but instead settled for Yan Kusnetzov.

In his draft year he scored 26 goals and 41 points in 29 games. In his D+1 year he moved up to the SHL arguably the third best league in the world. In it he settled at just a 0.30 ppg pace. However, their have been solid indications that he got better throughout the year:

Now if you follow me on Twitter you would have seen all the tweets I sent out. I dug myself into a rabbit hole yesterday and probably spent close to two hours reading up on the reports and checking out the video on this guy.

Embedded here is Yannick St-Pierres scouting report from before last years NHL entry draft. It's a long video so if you don't feel like watching it, Ill summarize some of his main points below.


Puck Pressure:

Definitely Emils biggest strength. He is almost impossible to take the puck off of down low. In his draft year he dominated U20 physically and was able to keep that physicality rep up in the SHL. This leads to a lot of extensive offensive zone shifts as he is just a menace around the boards and on the forecheck.


Strong fast skater especially in a straight line, Isn't the most agile player but hustles really hard after loose pucks, back checks and odd man rushes.


Good quick release and deadly accuracy, power behind the shot may need a little work before getting to the next level.

200 ft Game:

Really responsible in his own end. Plays with a long stick and has great vision which combines for great pass break ups. Really strong physically and loves to play the body. He sort of reminds me of how Michael Ferland would throw his body around.


Besides his excellent puck pressure, Heineman isnt outstanding or eye catching in many other parts of his game. If he wants any chance at being a top 6 forward he will really have to improve his speed with the puck as well as his playmaking ability. He isn't a player that makes bad passes, but rather from what I've seen when he does make the tricky ones theyre typically in set plays so he doesn't telegraph them as much. He has a lot of room to grow as a player, but he isn't near where he needs to be to be an effective NHLer.

Reason for Hope?

Heineman definitely has a few things going for him. He is known to be a player who has progressed really well through his career as he adapts to the different unique leagues hes played in. Furthermore, Heineman is probably built better for the North American ice rather than International style. He is a player who strives in the corners and along the boards, I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a pretty strong shut down winger in the NHL.

NHL Comparables:

Well for comparables Yannick St-Pierre gives a few:

Erik Cole

Arturri Lehkonen

Alexander Steen

If Emil Heineman turns out to be an Alexander Steen-esque player than this trade is already a huge win for the Flames. Whether Sam Bennett takes off or not, he never was going to in Calgary, so if we get an impact NHLer from this deal it is most definitely a win.

I'd guess Emil is on North American ice in the fall. He is eligible to sign his ELC. I think he is a player who we will have to reserve judgement on for at least a year, as he isn't some sort of prospect who was dominating in Europe, so the adjustment period might be slow, however time will tell.

The last fun comparable I have for you guys is just a liiiittle bit ambitious.

I know im dreaming, but like just let me have this for now.

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