Prospect Series: Fyodor Svechkov

Fyodor Svechkov is a name that has not been discussed much among Flames Twitter, so let us get into Svechkov and who he is.

The 6'0, 179 lbs left-shot forward has played both center and wing throughout his junior career and has continued to grow the ranks in Russia, and will play with SKA St. Petersburg in the KHL next year.

Many scouts describe Svechkov as being a guy with high hockey IQ, as he has the ability to scan the ice and put himself into a position to produce on both ends of the ice. Because of his high hockey IQ, Svechkov seemingly has great defensive positioning and can force his opponents to the outside, preventing chances against. I would project Svechkov's ceiling to be a very good 2nd line defensive center, but he will more likely be a 3rd line shutdown center. For the Flames, he could be seen as a Backlund replacement in 3-4 years.

Last year, Svechkov spent time with LADA Togliatti of the VHL and Ladia Togliatti of the MHL. For those unfamiliar with Russian hockey, the MHL is considered to be their junior league, while the VHL is seen as a feeder league. In the MHL, Svechkov put up 15 points in 15 games, and in the VHL, Svechkov put up 15 points in 38 games.

His numbers in the Russian junior leagues are good, but Svechkov really burst onto the scene during the World Junior Championship U-18's, where he put up 10 points in only 7 games, which was 10th in tournament scoring and put him in 4th place on the Russian team. That certainly boosted his draft value a bit.

Speaking of draft value, Svechkov, like every other player in this draft class, is all over the place. Some scouting sites have him in the 10-15 range, others have him in the late first/early second round. It is tough to place Svechkov because of the various placements by different scouting sights, but I would speculate that Svechkov ends up going in the mid 20's of the first round. But as I said, he could go higher, and he could go lower, it is really up in the air.

In viewing Svechkov's profile from, included on the right, you can see that he has a 45% chance at making the NHL, with a 12% chance at being a star. That isn't tremendous, for a 12th overall pick, which is why I think Svechkov could be a good move if the Flames wanted to move back into the later parts of the 1st round in order to obtain additional picks in later rounds,

We saw Brad Treliving and co. do this last year when they moved back in the 1st round twice and obtained two additional 3rd round picks. In a draft year where everything is up in the air, doing something similar again could be very beneficial to giving yourself the most chances at finding a star player.

Does Svechkov, a defensive player who can play both center and wing, interest you?

See you tomorrow for another prospect profile!

-James Johnson (@JamesJohnsonYYC)

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