Prospect Series: Fabian Lysell

Before we start, I just wanted to briefly introduce myself.

I'm James Johnson! You probably know me as JamesJohnsonYYC on Twitter. I started posting on Twitter a few years ago as an escape and a way for me to express my thoughts, which transitioned me into writing. So here I am, and let us, deep-dive, into Fabian Lysell!

Lysell has been a key talking point among Flames fans when it comes to the draft, because most scouting reports have him ranked in the 10-20 range, and he fits a lot of key needs that the Flames have. More on that in a second.

First, I just want to quickly talk about the various uncertainties during this draft year. Some players have played a full season, and some have played 8 games. So scouting reports are going to be all over the place. Owen Power is looking like the consensus number 1 pick, but that is still uncertain. After that, a massive range of players can go anywhere from 2-20. Lysell falls in that range. Some scouting reports I've seen have him as high as 3, and some have him near the end of the first round. So Lysell is definitely a target for the Flames at pick 12, but as I said, he could go 3rd overall, or fall into the 2nd round. We just do not know, which makes this draft exciting, because we really have no idea what might happen.

Back to why Lysell could be a good pick for the Flames at 12th overall.

The 5'10, 172 lbs right shot, RW certainly fits some needs for the Flames. It is well known that this team lacks depth at the right-wing position, forcing Tkachuk, Dube, and at times Mangiapane to play their off-wing. With the Flames being linked to Rakell and Arvidsson this past season, one can see that it is a priority on Treliving's list. What better way to acquire a right-wing option than for free during the draft? This is where Lysell comes in. Obviously in the draft, you should always select the BPA, or best player available, but if that BPA happens to fit a position you need, that is an added bonus. So it will come down to how the Flames view Lysell and what he can bring.

Lysell brings a unique blend of speed and work ethic, something the Flames desperately lack. Some say that Lysell's skating is near perfect, and his work ethic never runs out. For the Flames, who have consistently drafted players who have less than ideal foot speed and have seemingly lacked work ethic, Lysell could be a good target to boost those intangibles. While he has a great skating stride and creativity on the ice, some scouts question his loyalty, as he's bounced from team to team in the SHL, which has lowered his draft ranking a bit.

A look at some of his highlights below:

Fabian Lysell is a player with a strong offensive mindset, elite skating set, and above-average defense. Lysell is a player who makes a lot of sense for the Flames from many perspectives.

For a team that is desperately looking for help on the RW, and more speed and skill, Lysell would make for an interesting draft selection at 12.

ByronMBader's model isn't as high on Lysell as scouts seem to be, but that could be due to Lysell's stats in the SHL and moving from team to team.

There are many good options for the Flames at 12, such as Kent Johnson and Fabian Lysell. The draft is coming up quickly!

Stay tuned for our next prospect tomorrow!

-James Johnson (JamesJohnsonYYC)

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