Eichel To Calgary?? How Can the Flames Bring the Superstar to YYC

Well in case you missed it, Jack Eichel requested a trade!!! A long time ago though and I actually don't think anyone in the hockey world has "missed it".

The timeline of events falls somewhere along the lines of Jack getting hurt - publicly requesting a trade - Buffalos ask being enormous (4 1st round talents) - Eichel injury concerns coming out - teams being in and out annnnnd finally the rumours of Eichel filing a grievance to the league.

No parties involved want any part of a grievance discussion, as they can get quite ugly.

The last official grievance the league dealt with was with Mike RIchards after his contract termination by the Kings in 2015. It was following Richards arrest and was quite ugly for the team, the player and the league as a whole.

So with Eichel it sounds like it should be in everyone's interest for Jack to be moved.

And according to Elliotte Friedman on the Fan590 this morning, Calgary heads the list of teams interested in the young centre.

He also mentioned Vegas and Anaheim as teams still in the mix for Jack but both those teams come with asterisks around players they refuse to give up (Krebs for Vegas, Drysdale/Zegras/McTavish for Anaheim).

Calgary's in a different spot, perpetually mediocre and with no real direction, General Manager Brad Treliving needs to make a decision on this team. Eichel is a pillar that could drastically change this teams next 10 years and so for Calgary it really makes sense to consider making a move for him.

Assuming the price for Jack has fallen a tad (3 first round talents instead of 4 maybe?)

The Flames could potentially put together a package for Buffalo's former captain. First of all money would have to be moved out. That money would probably be found in the contracts of Nikita Zadorov (1x3.75) and Sean Monahan (2x6.375) For Monahan he's sort of a hard sell. Coming off a career low year he's honestly more of a make the money work kinda guy then a piece Buffalo may view as valuable. Adding on to that Sean has a M-NTC, one that Buffalo is most likely on. So to move Monahan a third team may need to be involved. In regard to teams needing centre depth NOW the Rangers and Golden Knights come to mind.

Without further adieu the guys of the C of Red Unfiltered will touch on their ideal mock trades as well as their thoughts on the entire situation below...

Aidan Thakkar:

Well you already read my thoughts ^ if I had to build a trade package it would probably look like this:

To Calgary: Jack Eichel

To New York: Sean Monahan-CGY 3rd round pick (23)-BUF 2nd round pick (23)

To Buffalo: Vitali Kravtzov-Ryan Strome-Nikita Zadorov-Connor Zary-CGY 1st (22)-CGY 2nd (22)

Calgary gets their guy,

New York upgrades at Centre and gets some draft capital

Buffalo gets a haul of Kratzov Zary and a 1st + 2nd with some contracts of guys that can be plugged into their lineup in the short term and moved later on for more assets.

Taranjot Vining:

Eichel talk is back?? Who would’ve thought. The Flames have been in and out since the beginning and have just now started to heat things up. With the reports that the Sabres are looking for futures and pieces that will help them with yet another rebuild..... here is my trade proposal that involves three teams.

To Buffalo: Jake Debrusk + Jakob Pelletier + Connor Zary + Juuso Valimaki + ‘21 1st Round Pick (CGY)

To Boston: Sean Monahan + 2021 3rd Round Pick (BUF)

To Calgary: Jack Eichel

Only reason Sean Monahan is involved is to make this trade work cap wise and fill the needs for a team looking to add some centre depth. Jake Debrusk being dumped in this trade to the Sabres helps them out, as he’s a young struggling player who’s in dire need of a change in scenery.

Finally... to the crowd that doesn’t think Jack Eichel is worth it. This is the Flames chance to go out there and finally get a piece that would push the team over the cycle they’ve been stuck in for 30 years. Imagine how marketable a BOA with Eichel vs McDavid 4-5 times a year is going to be.

If this team doesn’t wanna rebuild... then go ALL IN. No reason not to. Elite 1C’s usually never come up on the trade market. This is the teams chance to go out and tell the rest of the league that they’re all that. Because right now it doesn’t look like that. Eichel or Bust.

James Johnson:

Somebody save Eichel. We are all tired of hearing about him. But, there’s a chance he can end up in Calgary, so that excites me a ton. Since I’ve been a fan of this team, all they have is average. They might make the playoffs, they might not. This team desperately needs direction. Trading for Jack Eichel shows you want to go all in, and that’s your trade deadline acquisition by the time he’s healthy. You either need to acquire Eichel, or rebuild, it’s really that simple. The Calgary Flames are going nowhere as constructed today.

I came up with this trade proposal a few weeks ago, as I would have sent Monahan directly to Buffalo, but he has a M-NTC and likely doesn’t want to go to Buffalo. Crunching the numbers to make sure everything is cap complaint:

To Boston: Sean Monahan

To Calgary: Jake DeBrusk and John Moore

Calgary then flips Jake DeBrusk and John Moore, as well as Nikita Zadorov, along with prospects Connor Zary and Matthew Coronato, and a 2022 1st round pick, to Buffalo, in exchange for Jack Eichel!

Devon McKendrick:

I am all for making an Eichel trade, it's needed. Calgary needs a guy who is THAT guy and a healthy Eichel will do just that.

He automatically adds insane skill and centre depth that the Flames desperately need.

In terms of what a trade could look like I think I am on a similar line of Aidan. New York is the team you include as the third team to make this deal work.

To Calgary: Jack Eichel

To New York: Sean Monahan- Rory Kerins -BUF 2nd round pick (23)

To Buffalo: Vitali Kravtzov -Ryan Strome -Dillon Dube -Connor Zary-CGY 1st (22)-CGY 3rd (23)

I think Dube gives the Sabres a little more willingness to make the deal and allows Calgary to hold onto a 2nd round pick. Also adding Kerins is maybe some recency bias but he can be sold as the next coming of Andrew Mangiapane. Calgary has recently drafted plenty of smaller forwards with high scoring upside in the late rounds so losing one isn't much of a loss right now. Eventually, the Sabres need to pull the trigger and make this trade and I think this is something that would get it done.

Troy Durrell:

Alright I had a number of potential packages swirling around in my head in order for Calgary to persuade Buffalo into parting ways with a clearly frustrated Eichel. The one I think every Flames fan keeps coming back to is Sean Monahan, Connor Zary, Jakob Pelletier and a first round pick. I for one don't believe this is enough to get it done. I think Calgary would need to add a Jusso Valimaki, Dillon Dube or Matthew Coronato to the deal as well. That's also banking on Sean Monahan to actually waive his 10 team no-trade Clause, which for this exercise we'll say he does.

Here is my trade package that I think would get it done for the Flames.

To Calgary: Jack Eichel

to Buffalo: Sean Monahan, Nikita Zadorov, Connor Zary, Jakob Pelletier, Jusso Valimaki and a 1st round pick (2022).

I personally would have trouble giving up on Valimaki as I think his ceiling is still very high but it seems as if he's struggled under head coach Darryl Sutter and a change of scenery could possibly be good for him. Nikita Zadorov is in this deal purely to make the money work and I think Buffalo could potentially flip him for a late round pick at the deadline to a playoff team looking to add some depth and toughness.

Let us know what you think of these trade ideas and what you think about the whole situation on Twitter @CofRUnfiltered.

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