Brett Ritchie, Who?

The Flames announced today that they signed forward Brett Ritchie to a one year, two way deal worth $700k. This essentially is a move for the Taxi Squad or AHL. Ritchie spent last season with the Bruins and registered a mere 6 points (2 goals and 4 assists) in 27 games.

In my opinion I really don’t get why the team would sign him, considering we already have guys like Rinaldo and Robinson to give us that “grit”. His underlying numbers are concerning and his play during the 19-20 season and the seasons before was terrible. I don’t see why the team would give him any playing time on the main roster at all. I see people saying that the only reason he’s even on the team is cause of grit and nothing else, but is that really why? The team was flat out beaten by a faster and better scoring team in the Stars. Not by grit. So the whole “this team needs grit” notion doesn’t make sense at all.

So in conclusion this signing should be treated as nothing more than an AHL signing. If he gets any playing time on the team at all, I’ll lose my mind (slight exaggeration).

Thanks for reading my Ted Talk haha

Charts in the article are from Evolving Hockey. Go check them out!

- Taranjot aka StraightOuttaCalgary

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